Study Shows that Green Building Produces Health and Climate Benefits

A recent study conducted by Harvard University experts, examined a set of green-certified buildings in 6 countries, the U.S. included, over the past 16 years.

The result: $6 billion in health and climate benefits.

The study, also known as HEALTHfx, shows that the two areas benefiting, health and climate, correlate and work together to cut down energy costs, effectively resulting in fewer hospitalizations and reduced climate impacts.

Essentially estimated public health benefits produced a $4.4 billion from fewer:

  • Deaths
  • Hospitalizations
  • Lost days of work/school
  • Respiratory Issues

This is the direct result of improved climate conditions producing an estimated $1.4 billion from less:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Methane
  • Nitrous Oxide

Green Certified Buildings Increase Energy SavingsIt was found that in some countries, these benefits exceeded the monetary value of energy savings and that doesn’t even include the $7.5 billion of energy savings that the green-certified buildings are already producing.

This study found that for the U.S. specifically, these energy savings can avoid anywhere between 172-405 premature deaths, 171 hospital visits, and a combined total of 65,000 in respiratory issues.

For every dollar in energy savings, 77 cents was saved in health and climate benefits. The results were even more drastic in countries such as China with that amount soaring to $10 in health and climate benefits for every dollar saved in energy savings.

Commercial buildings consume 40% of the primary energy production in the world. HEALTHfx proves that energy-efficient buildings can substantially reduce this high energy consumption and improve living conditions worldwide. At Rick’s Energy Solutions, we are proud to be among the nation’s top green building consultants and offer several energy solutions for future homes and commercial buildings. Call us at 707-578-5380 today to start your green building project!