Tesla, Solar City to Merge: What’s It Mean for Green?

Shareholders recently approved a deal for a new merging of technology giants Tesla and SolarCity,  and the benefits of this union could very well change the energy-efficiency world as we know it in the best way possible. We’re talking about the potential for incredible technology advancements, new cost-saving services and much more. Let’s check out some of the biggest details of this incredible merger.

New Technologies

MergerThe merger of these two Elon Musk-owned companies – a deal which had Tesla paying $2.6 billion to acquire SolarCity, according to CNBC – means that the brain trusts of the two companies will be working side by side to develop us more advanced ways to go green.

The first project is a new solar roof, which is expected to hit the market in summer 2017. This new roof will protect your home as your current roof does but it has a sleeker look with shingles that work to transform light from the sun into power. Think of this roof as being a series of tiny solar panels that can provide energy for your home and electric car.

Musk says that the new roof will not only look better than a typical roof, but it will also last twice as long, create a constant flow of energy, and cost less than you might think – less, even, than a traditional roof, according to Bloomberg’s coverage.

This merger also means opens the potential for additional advancement in Tesla cars. For example, the company is expected to offer a solar roof recharge kit with new models to help make recharging a more efficient process. The company is also working on technology that will enable the new vehicles to drive for more than 200 miles per charge. Perhaps most enticing is the potential for costs to drop, with BGR reporting that the expected Model 4 could cost even less than the Model 3, which is expected to start at $35,000 before tax incentives when released late next year.

It’s a New Era

Although it has its detractors, solar energy is being embraced by more people every day. This merger is will also help to bring more people the products they want at the prices they want. This is in addition to the perks customers already receive, including a 30 percent tax credit for those who implement solar solutions in their homes.

One thing is for sure, the people most connected to these two brands could not be happier, as Tesla’s stock rose by 2.6 percent while SolarCity saw an increase of 2.9 percent in post-merger trading, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

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