Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

Though you may be aware of the climate change occurring, you may not really understand how you’re helping it grow—and not in a good way. It starts with the impact we as humans are leaving on the earth; our carbon footprint. Carbon footprints explained This term refers to the amount of greenhouse gases that are… Read more »

3 Health Benefits that Come with Green Buildings

There are plenty of reasons to go green: lessen your environmental impact, lessen your energy bill, and even increase your property value, in many occasions. But one thing we often forget is that green buildings bring with them several human health benefits that are worth mentioning. More air ventilation = higher level of productivity For… Read more »

There’s More Than Just Rick, at Rick’s Energy Solutions

Walking into the office of Rick’s Energy Solutions, today, you will find an office space completed with files of cabinets, work ready desk areas, and a collection of trained professionals ready to provide answers to all of your energy efficiency questions. But, it has not always been so conventionally set. Just a little over one… Read more »

What is my HERS Index Score and How is it Calculated?

We could talk all day about the benefits of HERS testing—and we have in a previous post! However, there’s more to understand when it comes to the HERS Index Score. It can tell you how efficiently your home’s operating its energy, areas that you can improve upon, and, by doing so, cost-saving measures that you… Read more »

How to Turn Your Remodel into an Energy Saving Green Home

As summer fades into fall, many homeowners may feel rushed to complete their remodel project(s) and as a result, overlook the long-term savings of going green. It’s easy to go green—here are some handy tips to help incorporate energy-saving solutions into your remodel! Consider alternative framing techniques Simply making a few small changes to your… Read more »

3 Tips to Help You Save Energy in the Summer

Summer may seem like the season of the outdoors, but it’s also a time of the year when we consume the most energy indoors. Think about it: fans and A/C units are constantly abuzz; later nights outside mean more outdoor lights on; and in general, we’re just doing more, which can equal higher energy bills… Read more »

The Greenest Cities from Around the World in 2018

With the ever-evolving advancements in technology, we see such amazing strides being taken each year towards green living. It seems like innovation is happening everywhere, and there are a few cities that are at the forefront of that sea change. Here’s a look at some of the urban centers that are redefining the green tech… Read more »

Four Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Many have the motivation to be more energy efficient but are hesitant to take the next step. There’s no need to toss out all of your belongings for greener products or implement a complete redesign. There are actually a few simple changes that can be made around your home that will decrease your energy consumption,… Read more »

What to Know About the Changes to the 2019 Energy Code

In California, we’re living in an exciting time for renewable energy. Both the public and private sectors are starting to really embrace the industry and shift the market over to one that reflects where the future is headed. But with the shift comes a lot of changes—namely in California’s Energy Code. Next year, the code… Read more »

Sustainable Building Trends that are Making 2018 Green

Last year carried many developments in the green building initiative. Solar energy was accepted as the energy of the future, passive building designs reduced energy consumption in the home, and we saw the rise of net-zero energy homes. 2017 performed well, and 2018 is predicted to continue to drive the green building initiative forward Resiliency… Read more »