Energy Companies Going Green

It’s no secret that green energy solutions are taking over the energy around the globe, and some energy companies are transitioning into this as well. Big power companies like National Grid are developing wind and solar energy while staying away from large-scale developing and rooftop solar. But why are these major companies going green? It’s… Read more »

Solar Energy Ideas for Your Home

It is possible to cut down on energy costs with your house, and solar energy is one way to do this.  There are different ways to harness the solar energy to power your home. Most people don’t realize that there are other ways besides installing solar panels to power your home via solar energy. Solar… Read more »

California Isn’t Wasting Time: Renewable Energy

The state of California is deciding it does not want to waste anymore time when it comes to saving our planet from catastrophic disasters including the extremely intense wildfires this past year. It’s a leading state in renewable energy because legislatures and residents are clearly aware of the effects of the sped-up climate change. Taking… Read more »

Renewable Energy On-Track to Surpass Coal

It doesn’t come to a surprise that renewable energy is taking charge in the world today, considering the climate change awareness happening. Plenty of American businesses have been switching to renewable energy because it’s getting cheaper, and of course, better for the environment. Wind and Solar Powerhouses The production of wind and solar energy has… Read more »

Top 5 Greenest Cities in the U.S.

It’s more important than ever that we take care of the environment—and these five cities are leading the charge. WalletHub recently compared 100 U.S. cities across 26 “green indicators,” including greenhouse gas emissions per capita, green job opportunities and smart energy policies. Here are the top five greenest cities in the U.S. (four of which… Read more »